Employee Recognition

Manage performance, tenure or referral programs
enhanced with personalized rewards catalogs.

True impact on company culture.

Centralized management of the entire recognition and approval process in top-down, peer-to-peer, and mass recognition programs.


Every program. One platform.

Define which employees can nominate and which ones can receive nominations in each active program, which include an online approval process.

Flexibility and accumulation of points.

Each nomination receives points based on client-defined rules. Points can be accumulated and redeemed for rewards from a personalized catalog.

Social recognition.

GOintegro’s enterprise social network facilitates dynamic, timely communications in addition to increasing the visibility and positive impact of each recognition.

Automated notifications.

An automated email delivery system notifies employees when they are recognized and by whom, in addition to alerting admins of pending approvals.

Choosing is the best recognition.

GOintegro develops catalogs based on clients’ budgets and specifications, in addition to managing the entire logistical process of rewards purchase and delivery, both locally and regionally.


Corporate Benefits

The largest employee discounts network, with exclusive deals in more than 15,000 points of sale and websites.


Hundreds of deals, always close.

Our mobile app helps find well-timed deals, which employees can redeem with their personal credential, a digital/paper coupon, or directly online.

Regional coverage.

Access to deals from over 2.000 associated businesses in Latin America, redeemable locally or internationally during business or leisure travels.

New deals every day.

GOintegro constantly adds new benefits to match employees’ preferences, in addition to creating special holiday deals and incorporating businesses near company offices.

Constant communication.

Design and delivery of digital/paper communications to promote featured benefits, news and special deals. An online/telephone client support center answers employees’ inquiries.

Extensive to employees’ families.

Create little moments of happiness employees can share with their families, with
great deals in 20 categories like restaurants, fitness, electronics, and travel.

Sharing the social experience.

GOintegro’s social features encourage coworkers to share their user experience with the rest of the company, fostering interaction.

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Flexible Benefits

Benefits plans configured to suit employees’ individual preferences, integrated with catalogs offering multiple options.

A complement to traditional benefits.

Flexible Benefits lets employees select rewards based on their needs and interests, complementing traditional formats –such as health, pension and insurance plans– with newer options like time off, experiences, products, gift cards, and purchase orders.


Points accumulation and exchange scheme.

Each employee receives credits that can be exchanged for benefits from an online catalog, or accumulated for a predefined period.

Personalized, flexible catalogs.

Creation of categories and assign points-value to each benefit according to a predefined conversion system.

Online management and control.

The application makes it possible to notify and approve benefits through superior- or supervisor-based hierarchies.

Reports and stats.

A record of corporate and individual activity provides crucial data to propose new alternatives of interest to employees.

Employee Incentives

Reward business goals achievement configuring and managing programs
geared towards sales teams and business channels.

Theme development.

Develop a special conceptual theme (Olympics, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible, etc.) to foster employee participation.

Parameter definition.

A points-based system defines which actions accrue redeemable points and determines the calculation logic, according to department/team KPIs.

Personalized, flexible catalogs.

Fully configurable rewards catalogs emphasize the program theme and offer products, purchase orders and experiences.


Reports and stats.

Results and data reports help evaluate the program’s impact on main business variables.

Constant communication.

Promote program milestones with theme-related content updates and delivery of digital/print communications.

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