GOintegro receives US$5 million in second funding round

February 4th, 2014 – GoIntegro, a cloud-based HR engagement corporate platform announces it has received US$5 million from Riverwood Capital,  Kaszek Ventures and Endeavor, as part of a second funding round to expand  its business in Latin America, focusing on Brazil and Mexico.

GoIntegro, leader in Latin America, has developed a cloud-based corporate social platform with applications designed to manage Internal Communications, Corporate Benefits, Recognition Programs and Incentives Programs. Company revenue grew 30% year on year in 2013, and are expected to expand 50% in 2014. Growth was even more significant in Brazil this summer in terms of both sales and number of clients, which expanded 460% and 310% respectively.

Currently, the firm has 300 clients in Latin America and reaches more than one
million users every day.

An IDC Consulting survey estimates corporate social networks will grow 22.3%
to about US$ 2.7 billion by 2017. The investment will focus in product development, marketing and sales, mainly in Brazil and Mexico.

“We believe there is great opportunity in the Latin American market, and we are excited to improve recognition programs and the way people communicate within companies”, said CEO and Founder German Dyzenchauz.

About GoIntegro:
Founded in 2002, GoIntegro is a pioneering cloud-based corporate social  platform, aimed at engaging Human Resources through applications designed  to manage Internal Communications, Corporate Benefits, and Recognition,  Rewards and Incentives Programs. It is used by more than 300 companies such  as Coca-Cola, Itaú Bank, Citibank, Santander Bank, Kimberly-Clark, Carrefour,  IBM, Oracle, Accenture, BASF, Danone, GE, HP, Zurich, LAN Airlines,  McDonalds.

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GOintegro revamps identity in line with HR social platform usage trends

  • GOIntegro’s new corporate identity and value offer puts employee satisfaction at the center of its cloud-based HR social corporate platform.
  • The aim is to strengthen workplace relations and company culture through renewed technological developments and social collaboration, to reflect current HR social platform usage trends.


August 18, 2914 – GOintegro, Latin America’s leading HR social platform, proudly presents its new identity and value proposal aimed at fostering the positive impact of organizational culture, strengthening workplace relationships and reinforcing company-employee bonds.

For over a decade now, GOIntegro has offered solutions to clients of various sizes and industries in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay, a veritable front-row seat from which to witness the drive to put employee satisfaction at the heart of HR management. Out of this experience rises this new, deeper value proposal, which seeks to help drive HR productivity and satisfy the deep human need to be recognized for our work and appreciated by our peers.

The key to GOIntegro’s new offer is aiming directly at employees’ satisfaction and sense of belonging, emphasizing the small gestures and everyday details that inspire them to go the extra mile. “We have evolved our focus to timely answer the trends we see in the industry, in addition to offering a platform and applications that are attractive to HR. We are strengthening our support to initiatives geared towards improving company-employee relations and combining social and work to drive the impact of corporate culture”, says COIntegro CEO and cofounder Germán Dyzenchauz.

Technology development is at the heart of this new approach and underlies all of GOIntegro’s HR applications; Recognition, Corporate Benefits, Flexible Benefits and Incentives. This results in closer, richer workplace relations and a stronger company culture. “We want to advance the transformation in coworker relations and company-employee relations by turning verticality into collaboration, socialization and participation. We want to provide employees with the tools to create the company dialogue, in addition to helping decentralize the company and making a meaningful contribution to the work of HR management”, he adds.

Dyzenchauz also points out GOIntegro will soon launch a new version of its Corporate Benefits app and an updated version of its enterprise social platform for mobile devices, as part of the ongoing development of updates for its HR solutions.

All of this enables GOIntegro to offer HR managers a modern, social and flexible platform, very easy to use by admins and final users alike, which doesn’t entail high implementation costs and directly impacts key metrics such as company climate and talent retention, among several others.


About GOintegro

GOintegro is an HR social platform which streamlines communications and integrates Recognition, Corporate Benefits, Flexible Benefits and Incentives solutions. GOIntegro serves more than 300 companies representing one million employees in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

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