GOintegro: HR social platform – Product Sheet

GOintegro is Latin America’s leading HR social platform. We streamline internal communications and strengthen the positive impact of company culture with could-based applications: Recognition, Corporate Benefits, Flexible Benefits and Incentives.

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Corporate Benefits – Product Sheet

Our Corporate Benefits application offers the best network of exclusive deals and discounts from associated businesses, both locally and regionally. The best complement to the work-life balance initiatives companies develop for their employees and families.

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Recognition application – Product Sheet

Manage performance, tenure or referral recognition programs, among others, through a points-based system featuring incorporated, customized reward catalogs. Our Recognition application directly and positively impacts company culture, aligns employees with corporate values and fosters appreciation for their efforts.

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Flexible Benefits – Product Sheet

Our Flexible Benefits application allows to configure plans based on employees’ individual preferences, with access to catalogs offering multiple options. Employees can select rewards based on their needs and interests, which complements traditional formats with newer options like time off, experiences, products and gift cards.

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Incentives application – Product Sheet

GOintegro’s Incentives application rewards business goal achievement with programs geared towards sales teams and business channels. The application makes it possible to assign cumulative points based on department or team performance indicators, offering access to a personalized, wide-ranging rewards catalog.

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