Innovation like you’ve never seen before. Digitalize your rewards and benefit delivery.

All of our GOconnect experiences in a single space, so all employees can access and manage their points obtained through different recognitions, rewards and incentive programs.

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Benefit transactions made


Social Recognitions given


Awards delivered 

Employee Wallet
The center of a complete ecosystem, to manage all of the company’s initiative transactions in a single place.

  • Budget ManagementDefinition and control of each campaign, program and initiative that will award employee points.
  • MarketplaceGlobal network with over 3,000 partners to deliver products, gift cards, subscriptions and more.
  • Multiple WalletsEasy access to points received,
    with balance consultations and redemptions made.
  • Online CatalogsCatalog configuration and customization,
    with redemption options for different needs.

Digitalize all delivery point procedures
and the management of prize redemptions.




Manage point transactions quickly and efficiently,
for a detailed operational control.

Simplify your employees’ lives with our Digital Wallet.

Customize your Look & Feel

Link a wallet to each program and customize its name, color, and icon to brand your initiative.

All in One Place

Employees can have multiple wallets, to receive, manage and redeem all of their points in a single space, by accessing an online catalog.

Easy access to their history

With a single click, employees can individually access their activity details, to view all movements and redemptions made in their portfolio.

More than 3,000 partners worldwide, to deliver products, gift cards, subscriptions, experiences, donations and payment methods.

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