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We are a global company that combines
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to offer the best digital solution to employees.

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We strengthen human connections to enhance
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Innovation and growth
have always been part of our history.

  1. 2002
  2. 2002
    GOintegro was founded in Argentina
    focused of offering a Discounts Network.
    Germán Dyzenchauz and Gastón Lejtman,
    co-founders, welcomed our first 5 clients.
  1. 2004
    Awards & Incentives are integrated
    into our value proposition.
    GOintegro’s team already had 20 employees.
  2. 2004
  1. 2006
  2. 2006
    Our Recognitions Solutions is launched.
    Reaching 40 client organizations.
  1. 2009
    First international expansion:
    offices are opened in Chile and Perú.
    We became 50 GOers in three countries.
  2. 2009
  1. 2011
  2. 2011
    Our Mobile Appis launched and we’ve expanded to Brazil and Colombia.
    We are 65 GOers and 100 clients.
  1. 2012
    First round of Series A investments.
    Two innovative solutions launched:
    Flexible Benefits and Flexible Time.
  2. 2012
  1. 2013
  2. 2013
    GOintegro reaches Uruguay.
    We are now 90 GOers.
  1. 2014
    Series B investment round.
    Start of activities in México.
    App web and mobile application
    available for out 200 customers.
  2. 2014
  1. 2015
  2. 2015
    Launch of the Internal Social Network.
    Reaching 110 GOers and 270 organizations.
  1. 2017
    Reaches Central America
    and The Caribbean
    GOconnect it becomes a Single Platform.
    Reaching 130 GOers.
  2. 2017
  1. 2019
  2. 2019
    Launch of a complete and robust
    solution for Social Recognitions.
  1. 2021
    First expansion to Europe,
    established offices in Spain.
    Launch of Well-being Experience.
  2. 2021
  1. 2022
  2. 2022
    Launch of Employee Wallet
    and the GOconnect Starter.
    Start of activities in the United States.

Our culture unites us and drives us to constantly defy limits, to improve our employees’ lives.

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