Promote well-being,
inside and outside work.

Boost all of your employees’ well-being dimensions,
with the most complete (and creative) Well-being Digital Experience.

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Startups to large global organizations choose our GOconnect app.

GOconnect is an app
that integrates all of the organization’s well-being actions.

Discover how our solutions are applied to different use cases, for a unique employee experience.

  • Discount NetworkThousands of offers and promotions on products and services, online and localized, for physical, emotional, financial, professional and social well-being.
  • Flexible BenefitsPoint-based programs, so each employee can choose and use benefits that best suit their well-being needs.
  • Activities and ChallengesActions that encourage employees to achieve goals, in order to enhance their well-being, that of their teams and their organizations.
  • Well-being HubArticles, videos and live activities developed by experts to enhance well-being education and self-care.

Find out how to improve your employees’ lives, with the best and most complete digital experience of our app.

Demo GOconnect
Demo GOconnect Starter*

*For companies with up to 200 employees.

Demo GOconnect Starter*

*For companies with up to 200 employees

Features designed to enhance employee well-being,
with the most complete digital experience.

A complete ecosystem to manage every transaction
of well-being benefits and discounts
in a single place.


  • Corporate Values
  • Professional Achievements
  • Leadership
  • New Entries
  • Anniversaries
  • Celebrations
  • Birthdays
  • Gifts
  • Awards



More than 3,000 worldwide partners, to deliver products, gift cards, subscriptions, experiences, donations and payment methods.

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Multiple content spaces Allows the creation of different spaces for each pillar of well-being.

Recognition Programs Allows the creation of different programs to recognize well-being advancements.

Public and private spacesSegmented content for different user groups.

Customizable modulesConfiguration of customizable banners with texts and images.

Featured DiscountsHighlights agreements that are meant to be promoted.

Audiovisual GalleriesSpaces where photos and videos can be uploaded.

Publication feed A space for the company and its employees to upload their content.

Automatic notificationsNotifications sent to the user after a transaction on the platform.

Custom MarketplaceFlexible benefits tailored to needs and chosen by the company.

Product delivery logisticsWe take care of product deliveries, whether at your home or workplace.

GeolocationRecognizes the employee’s location and shows the closest benefits.

Discount categorizationGrouped promotions and offers on products and services according to their well-being pillar.

Permite la entrega de reconocimientos individual o grupales masivamente.

Reconocimiento peer-to-peer, visibles para todos en la red social interna.

Reconocimientos otorgados por los managers, bajo criterios de la empresa.

Cada colaborador puede ver el detalle de los reconocimientos recibido y entregados.

Programas activos, inactivos, programados o finalizados para facilitar la gestión.

Permite elegir los nominados directamente por nombre o dentro de un grupo.

Facilita la personalización y permite segmentar los usuarios.

Permite la automatización reconocimientos especiales cada X años.

Posibilita al usuario ingresar sus direcciones preferenciales para recibir sus productos.

Para roles de administración, consolida la información del flujo de aprobaciones.

Permite establecer criterios de prioridad para configurar los programas.

Para roles de administración, permite descargar todo el detalle de reconocimientos.

Cuenta con productos y premios que pueden ser elegidos por la empresa.

Posibilita la creación de mensajes customizados, según las definiciones de la empresa.

Nos ocupamos de la entrega de los premios, ya sea en su hogar o lugar de trabajo.

Campos del perfil de los colaboradores a la medida de cada cliente.

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Dashboard & Statistics with information that promotes the platform’s usage, while measuring employee participation.

Know more about our client’s success stories,
redefining corporate well-being.

Internal Social Network and Benefits Network for restaurants McDonald’s, a fast food service company, uses GOintegro’s Communications Hub and Benefits Network to connect their employees successfully.

To improve perks offered to their employees, being responsive to suppliers and saving the HR team time, they needed to find a technological solution that would satisfy all their needs.

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